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Everyone Has Something to Heal


Recently I received a call from a young lady graduating college that wanted to interview me. Alyssia is a very intelligent political science student who has a great interest in journalism.


An hour into the interview, after learning a great deal about my life and how I got where I am, I noticed she took a breath and paused. She asked, "How did you survive; how did you not get stuck like most people would have?"


My response was simply, "Staying stuck and not moving through whatever was happening in my life was not an option. I had to dig deeper and find what was holding me back and break through it." I further explained I was fortunate that through the array of injuries and setbacks in my life, I had always had wonderful tools to sustain myself and move through complications. I informed her that I had a great deal of people who supported me; many that paid a high price to do so. She was not satisfied and wanted more specifics.





























Through this extensive discussion, I explained in detail how I healed each level of injury and pain in my life as they showed up. I demonstrated through illustrations, making it easier for her to see, using her thought patterns and events to show exactly how those healings occurred. I then explained the gifts each had left behind. She was in shock and awe, letting me know that it would take a great deal of time to process what she had learned in our conversation. She explained she had no idea where she was going with the interview when we started or that it would lead so far down the rabbit hole, but she was grateful it did.


Before I parted the conversation, I asked, "Why did you want to interview me, is it for a class?"


She replied, "No, it is not for a class, I just wanted to interview you in hopes of figuring out the direction I should take in my career."


I asked, "Have you learned anything?"


"Yes!" She replied excitedly, "I learned not to be overly concerned with where I am heading at the moment. I learned to do what is in front of me and the path would open up. It will unfold if I don't get in the way." She went on to state that something had shifted in her, and she felt calm about moving forward now. It was what she was looking for.


I am unsure of how Alyssia found me or even what university in Georgia she attended. As a matter of fact, I don't know anything about her except something inside her needed to heal. That day it did.


We all have things to heal internally and externally. It is time to free yourself and make a breakthrough from the origin of your pain and suffering. Join me for my new workshop, THE HEALING. I promise it is a journey you will not regret nor forget. No one needs to suffer any longer.



What People are saying about Freddie Zeringue

"Freddie has a way of seeing you the way you would want to be seen and sees things in you that you cannot even see's very powerful." - Joni

"He is Powerful, informative and inspirational" - Marty

"Riveting and eloquent. He had my attention in the first 10 seconds." - Sandra

" Freddie brings the idea of coaching to a whole new level. Experience does make a difference. He is engaging." - Ryan

Freddie Zeringue




May 15th - 17th

This is a three day event.


Soluna Yoga + Spa


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Freddie Zeringue has over 27 years as a personal breakthrough coach and 13 years publishing in the natural health field. He is an author, coach and national speaker.



Five Ways To Heal

A Journey To Wholeness


There is a new paradigm, of healing afoot today now more than ever before. In the beginning, the idea of healing was thought to be restoring to a former state prior to illness, injury, etc... In fact, at least one definition I found was worded almost identical to that. But, like anything else that changes with time, so has the concept of healing. At least that is how it is from the point that I teach and write. I don't know about you, but I really don't want to be returned to anything. I have been there and it is history. I want to integrate whatever my experience is to create a new concept of wholeness. To me, this is healing.


There is no going backward. In this new paradigm of healing, we must heal from inside-out, realizing that we will never be the same from one event to the next because it is recorded and embodied within us. The idea is to take these things and make ourselves anew with them. We need to allow ourselves our mistakes and conditions and be prepared to embrace them in order to let the healing begin. Here are some tips to help you begin to heal:


1) Separating yourself from the Suffering


Suffering is a paradigm of the mind. We learn very young to hold on and express pain in order to manipulate and get our way. Suffering, as opposed to pain, is a trained behavior that has everything to do with being mind-identified. In fact, Eckart Tolle explains that we actually create a pain-body within us where we carry the pain. Hint: This is ego based. This pain can be mental, emotional or physical and is used to achieve various states and conditions that we have found to be functional, or dysfunctional coping mechanisms.


2) Distinguishing between Pain and Suffering


Are you able to bring your awareness to the point where you can separate the pain from what is the suffering? If not don't feel bad. Most people can't because the illusion of ego is powerful and the ego has more power when the host (you) are in suffrage. Our system is designed to create powerful beliefs that drive our success. However, when misused by ego, we identify success in a different, negative way. The misdirected mindset then becomes the belief system that drives us. In short, as you believe so goes your life. Most people cannot break out of a given belief system without trauma or a significant event. However, experiential workshops, such as The Healing, are known to separate the belief system from the individual and change the inner mindset permanently.





























3) Identify the Payoff


Yes, I am aware you are ready to throw your device or monitor at me about now for implying there is a payoff to your pain and suffering. However, it does not change anything. You are getting a payoff just like the rest of us or you would not continue to hold on to your suffering. Unfortunately, the payoff is often locked away in a box, buried in a basement underneath many false images of things that scare the crap out of us.


I once left a long term limp I had for over 5 years in a workshop just by realizing the payoff. The 30 or 40 people in the room that witnessed it were amazed. It took a couple of years to correct the shifting caused by the compensation my body had created to remain balanced, but when it was complete, the pain was cut in half to a very manageable level.


4) Stop Enrolling People to Beat You Up


Assuming you did not throw your device at me on the last statement, I am aware you are really not happy with this statement...none of us ever are. The only way that you can remain in your suffrage is if you remain a victim of your pain. This is not an easy conclusion to arrive at. It is often the most elusive one of all. If I get you to be my perpetrator, then I can remain in my pain and suffering and the world are to blame...not me. This allows us to chew on our pain forever; we can stay stuck in the drama of it all. Though we are not aware of it, it is the greatest way to give up on life and one of the few ways that your entire system of beliefs and ego can accept it. As long as we have someone to blame then it is not our fault. The real questions you have to ask is: "What is wrong with it being our fault?" "What exactly does it mean to be our fault?" "What is fault in the first place?"


If you can own up to things in your life, you can be free. Maybe you didn't get hurt, injured and are in pain because of anything that you did, however, only you can perpetuate the suffering. Herein, lies the greatest choice of your life. Do you choose to be in pain and suffering or do you choose to be free and happy?


After having much of my body destroyed in two back to back accidents by the age of 23; I can admit that today and for a very long time I have chosen to own my suffering when it appears. As a result I have been able to manage my pain mentally, emotionally and physically from a spiritual perspective, thereby, freeing myself to be happy over the last 25 plus years. This has brought forth a great deal of success in my life that I now spend much of my time passing on to others.


5) Leave the Past in the Past.


There is no more powerful catalyst for suffering or freedom than the past. Nothing, absolutely nothing, can be more powerful to overcome pain and suffering then leaving the past in the past. This is where we find true separation from the suffering, the pain and who we are. We are not our pain. By the same means, the past can destroy us and create devastation and suffering if we choose to hold on to it or dwell on it. In fact, if you allow it to, the ego will destroy you with your past.


Most people cannot just wake up one day and separate out their past. However, it can be processed out either by way of therapy or through workshop exercises. Therapy usually goes through it one piece at a time and you get the fun of reliving it all over again. In a workshop environment, you can usually move through it vicariously or through processes that bypass the story and bring you directly into resolution. Years of resolution can be brought forth and overcome in mere minutes as opposed to years in talk therapy. Talk therapy is great and perfect for some, but for me the workshop environment is where I was able to leave the past behind, thrive and move into a blissful future by way of conscious and present. The choice is yours.




6) Stop Identifying with the Condition.


Doctors, lawyers, the medical field and beyond all make money off your belief system. When you identify with your condition and their diagnosis and prognosis, then you become a slave to them and their field. Don't identify with them to validate their profession when you would be bettered served to own your condition as a choice and validate your humanity and BEING. Identifying with the condition is the most disempowering thing you can do and will keep you chewing on your pain.


This does not mean deny the condition. It means to identify the condition, but not yourself as the condition. This is the fatal flaw that most people do. Choose to not be your condition. Choose HEALING!!! Healing from inside-out is the only way to heal.



I want to invite you to my workshop The Healing. The Healing is an event designed for resolution and to reconstruct the mindset we live in. It is a journey to Freedom. What will be achieved in 3 days will last you a lifetime.


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