The Art of Flow


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Author Notes

Releasing Me, Loving You:

The Spiritual Paradox of Altruism



If I’m truly to love someone, and by that I mean a pure and spiritually-based love, it means experiencing love from a completely selfless point of view, one that embraces the concept of altruism. Altruism is the opposite of losing yourself in a relationship; it is holding the other person with such respect and dignity that you set aside your own demands and expectations in order to honor their right to choice--even if that choice is not you. The concept of releasing ‘Me’ to love ‘You’ is a tremendous paradigm shift that actually opens the pathway for even greater expressions of love.


To truly love anyone, I must first know love through the act of loving myself; to love myself, I must know and honor the person I am—I need to honestly love “Me”. Only then am I ready to expand my love...



The Zone



All too often, waking up in the morning can quickly turn into a rush or panic as we let life, work, and the things of the moment take us away as soon as we become consciousness. Surely these things have to be tackled immediately if they demand so much attention? Well, maybe not so much.


The truth is, we all get so caught up in what’s “urgent” that we forget what’s most important. What is important? We should do whatever routine we need to do in order to start our day in the zone. When I was young it meant taking a shower right after awakening. As I got older it transitioned into sitting quietly with a cup of tea and meditating. Today it depends what my body calls for on any given day.


Each of us has some set of routines perfect for putting us in the zone after...



A Divine Dissatisfaction



Growing up I was always told I was never satisfied. As I got older and more on a spiritual path to my life I was told the absence of desire was the DESIRED state of mind. From lack of desire, to never satisfied and everything in between, I seem to have bridged them all and yet it is only now that I begin to realize what this search has been all about or so I think.


We are each creators in everything we do, every word we speak and each breath we take. We are either creators of harmony and peace or creators of chaos and turmoil. The choice seems to be ours. But is it? Maybe it isn't. Maybe the turmoil and chaos is needed to reach the peace and harmony. Is it possible...