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Art of Flow Coaching

Art of Flow Coaching consist of techniques designed to shift the present day conversations and inner dialogs. It heavily focuses on the NOW and where things are presently mentally, physically and emotionally. Through a series of processes and dialogs, clients often feel a difference immediately from only one session or intensive.


"After 25 years of actively coaching I have learned that dwelling in overcoming the past holds us to the past, limiting the present growth and work tremendously. Focusing on the present and shifting the current conversations we live in changes our perception resulting in a different experience in life and ultimately a more conscious life aligned with our inner desires."


Whether you are suffering from a loss or want to take your life to the next level, Art of Flow Coaching will empower you to a level of life you may have only dreamed possible. Experience greater abundance and prosperity, a deeper sense of love and acceptance and a level of freedom and power like you have never imagined.


-  Create the space for "the love of your life"

-  Release the past, embrace the new

-  Experience Freedom and Power

-  Discover your True Purpose

-  Design the career you've dreamed about

-  Experience Abundance and Prosperity

-  Deepen your connection to source

-  Discover what has held you back in life and release it

Art of Flow Coaching and Program Rates



You can now benefit from Art of Flow Coaching in person, by phone.


                                                            Individual, Couples and Group


                                                        Prepaid Discount Packages Available


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The Most Powerful 4 Hours you will ever Spend:


               Individual Coaching Intensive - includes up to 4 hours plus 1 hour follow-up by phone

               Couple Coaching Intensive - includes up to 4 hours plus 1 hour follow-up by phone per individual

               Group Coaching Intensive - includes up to 4 hours plus 1 hour follow-up by phone


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Coaching Scholarship and Love Offerings



Do you feel you are ready for a change? A serious transformation in your life but are one of the people that are not fortunate to be able to afford my services. I have worked years coaching people who could not afford my services and now I am willing to work with you for love donation or an outright scholarship. Contact me to receive a scholarship or donation form.  CLICK HERE



     -  You must show cause as to why you deserve such an awesome offer

     -  You must explain how it would change your life and those around you

     -  You must explain what contribution you are willing to do for others in return

     -  You must be willing to make a contractual agreement to perform that contribution


Why would I offer this special gift?

Because I know that the Universe will always provide for me through various channels and those that pay for my services, therefore, my commitment is to the service of transforming the world and not the attachment to the money it could bring me personally. However, I know there must be an exchange of energy as part of Universal Law and as such I am willing to contribute to your life and only ask you be willing to serve others in ways you are able to do so.




Only the most willing and committed individuals with special circumstances will be selected for The Art of Flow Scholarship Coaching Program, all others will be based on Love Contributions.

Inspire and Motivate a Group, Team or Business.



Art of Flow Coaching

for Businesses, Teams and Groups

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link!


Get a custom designed Art of Flow Coaching Program or tele-seminar to inspire, enlighten and motivate your team. Teams and groups benefit from Art of Flow Programs by becoming more open to thinking out of the box, recognizing the team paradigm from a conscious perspective and embracing the point of greatest flow. This spells more business for you and higher net revenue.


In a time when conscious business practices are proving pivotal in the success of a modern enterprise, the Art of Flow Coaching Programs can be indispensable in bringing a fluid consciousness to your team. Multi-week programs offer powerful opportunities for both on premise and satellite personnel to bond as a team, becoming stronger, more aligned and focused in a space of oneness or unity. When this occurs teams are able to bring forth greater potential and possibilities, work more efficiently and are happier with themselves, their performance and each other.


Why be limited to the outdated concepts and mindsets when you can expand the consciousness of your team or business to an unlimited potential creating breakthroughs in profits and business. The Art of Flow Coaching for Teams, Businesses and Groups is designed to bring forth greater results and higher profits without depleting the energy of you, your business or your team.



To strengthen, motivate and make your team more fluid today with a custom Art of Flow Program.

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Entrepreneurial Start Ups, small businesses and micro businesses, groups, teams and MLM's welcome. We have custom pricing for you. Develop group synergy and greater focus resulting in more sales and revenue.


Start motivating and inspiring your team, group of business today.



NOTE: As an entrepreneur, who has come from a line of entrepreneurs, I have a very special affinity to assisting small businesses and entrepreneurs launch or strengthen their businesses. Small businesses and the entrepreneurs who create them are the backbone upon which this country's economic system has been built. Whether you have an idea for a start up or looking to find what type of business you would be best suited for and are most likely to succeed in or if you want to grow your established business to the next level, I am always willing to create a customized affordable solution for small businesses to help launch, develop and grow them. -Freddie Zeringue


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