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Freddie Zeringue has been a transformational breakthrough coach and workshop facilitator for 25 years. His background is in ontological design (the study of being), hypnotherapy and advanced communications. For more than 11 years, Freddie has been the publisher of Natural Awakenings Magazine in Northeast Florida. Natural Awakenings is the largest natural health/holistic living magazine in the country. Within his genre, Freddie shares his knowledge and understanding on the

Author's Input


How did the Art of Flow come about?


"I came upon it honestly. I was simply trying to save myself from a life filled with extraordinarily traumatic circumstances and events. As a result of my experiences and the various education I sought to help myself, I found myself uniquely qualified, back in 1988, to be a transformational coach. From that point the principles distilled down until they became simple and I could facilitate a shift in someone within hours or sometimes minutes. The combination of the principles and the experiences became my teaching platform for coaching resulting in The Art of Flow."


What is your approach to coaching?


"I tell people the truth in a way they can hear it and show them the doorway out with principles and tools that will serve them for a lifetime."


How to you think the principles of the Art of Flow have affected your coaching, and most importantly, what effect do they have on others?


"It is like walking into a dark room where light has not been permitted for a hundred years. It may be dark, but once light is brought in, the darkness is gone. The room has been changed. In the case of the mind it is changed forever. I tell people when they sit down with me that their life will never be the same when they leave. I spend a great deal of time preparing them for this during a coaching intensive. It is for this reason that the book has a section on how to read it, something that has been joked about several times since its release."

subjects of transformation, overcoming human discourses, attracting wealth and prosperity, transforming relationships and natural health. Through his private coaching and workshops, Freddie has become very well known for transforming people's lives from poverty to prosperity, pain and disease to vibrant health and from separation and divorce to balanced, healthy relationships.

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